£75 for a 60-90 minute session which includes talking therapy, deeply relaxing guided hypnosis, plus an additional personalised recording to listen to at home to support positive changes long term. Come to my relaxing, retreat-style hypnotherapy studio in Meopham, or have a session in the privacy of your own home.

1 Session + 1 recording     £75
2 Sessions + 2 recordings  £150
3 Sessions + 3 recordings  £210
5 Sessions + 5 recordings  £340
7 Sessions + 7 recordings  £455

Either book a package of sessions to secure a regular time, or simply pay as you go.
Fees are adjusted downwards so that you'll never pay more than a package price for your therapy.
You are welcome to simply have an initial session, and decide if/when to book further appointments from there.

I always work ethically in providing the most effective treatment within the fewest possible number of sessions.

BACS/online payment, PayPal, cash or cheque accepted.
10% off for MGF Card Holders.

All hypnotherapy is designed 360º around you. Most challenges can be effectively addressed within 2 and 5 sessions to give both you and I a reasonable time to make a noticeable difference. The first session involves a full consultation and information gathering, as well as hypnosis and is generally 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are 60-90 minutes depending on what you need on the day.

Some issues such as sexual problems and eating disorders may (but not always) take longer, or require referral.

Please call or email for a free telephone consultation and an estimated number of sessions. 


  • IBS  - 7 sessions  £455

  • Calm Nerves £75
    Single intensive session to de-stress and really boost your confidence, plus a personalised recording to listen to at home to fully relax and support you in the lead up to your big day. 

  • Bride to Be  £150
    2 Sessions, plus 2 personalised recordings to listen to at home to fully relax, de-stress and support you, helping you to sleep and eat well and really boost your confidence to be centre of attention... a great way to be calm and relaxed enough to fully enjoy your big day.
  • Weight Loss £210
    3 Intensive sessions to completely reprogramme your eating habits, plus 2 personalised recordings to listen to at home to keep you on target, motivated and provide follow up support.
  • Virtual Gastric Band £399
    5 Intensive Sessions. Includes 3 bespoke therapeutic recordings to listen to at home, plus a personalised maintenance recording, resource pack & post-surgery support.
  • Speech Coach £150
    2 Sessions banish nerves and focus your mind so you deliver a truly wonderful presentation or speech. A personalised recording to listen to at home provides all the tools you need to really wow your boss, colleagues or guests.

  • Stop Smoking £295

For Hypnobirthing please click here or contact Leonie to book your free telephone consultation.