You don’t need to be told all the risks and reasons to stop again, and again. Smoking is a dying habit. If you could see the 4,000 toxic chemicals in every cigarette, you’d stop.

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Hypnotherapy has an excellent success rate for stopping smoking because it pinpoints and helps you understand the reasons why you smoke, and fixes them at source. We can ‘reprogramme’  irritating cravings and find new, healthier habits to replace those you might have spent a lifetime following. Once we unpick your habitual associations with smoking such as stress, boredom, alcohol or reward, you can find freedom from tobacco, for good. This comprehensive package includes an extended, intensive therapy session, plus personalised recordings to listen to at home that will motivate, support and cement your identity as a non-smoker.  If you've made the decision that enough is enough, and you want to regain your health, take that next step today.

Stop Smoking - £249


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