Hypnotherapy is highly effective in treating an incredibly broad range of challenges, from anxiety and depression, fears and phobias, to self confidence issues and so much more.  Perhaps you're experiencing a lack of direction or a mental block, or you might keep repeating a negative pattern in life with relationships. You may have experienced a trauma that is causing you ongoing stress, or be creating rituals and routines for yourself that began as useful coping mechanisms, but are taking up more and more of your life. 

Hypnosis can effectively break these cycles and create the positive change you may have been unable to make for yourself, for both short and long term benefit. This is because with hypnosis we can gain gentle access to your instinctive inner mind, the part of you that creates and manages all your physiological functions, learns, remembers, dreams and makes decisions. Most issues such as fears, anxieties or addictions are created by this part of the mind.
Think of it as adjusting your autopilot, that sometimes needs to learn a new pattern or route, fix an error message, or correct its course.

Physical ailments such as chronic pain, Migraines, IBS or sensitive bladder can be helped with specific hypnotic techniques to manage symptoms, and create a sense of control and freedom from persistent health issues.

Hypnosis is a safe, clinically proven technique, available to us all. With practice it can even be used in place of general anaesthetic.

Please use the contact page to ask about how hypnotherapy can help with your particular challenge in complete confidentiality.highly

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