”I cannot  recommend Leonie highly enough. She has helped me with stress and anxiety issues which exacerbate a chronic condition I have. The professor I see for my condition has recognised the benefits I receive from seeing Leonie and as such encourages my ongoing regular sessions with her. She has a lovely intuitive manner and always makes me feel at ease. The therapy tapes provide a valuable toolkit to support me between sessions. I am so glad she was recommended to me and I would not  hesitate to recommend her to anyone else.” D.R.

“Before I met Leonie, I didn’t think that I would ever be able to live my life without feeling that deep fear every day. I was so used to feeling sick and on edge with every situation throughout my day. Since having sessions, I feel like I can go on with my day without being worried about feeling ill or nervous. I got on a plane for the first time in a while and I felt calm, collected and safe which is so extraordinary for me because I never ever thought I’d be able to, I was so close to cancelling my trip and I would’ve missed out on an amazing experience so I am honestly so grateful that I was able to go. It was honestly life changing and I didn’t even have to think about it, I now feel like I can enjoy my days instead of living in fear all the time.” JL

"I cannot recommend Leonie highly enough, her calm, caring and professional demeanour really helped me get to a point in my life that I never thought possible. Having done a small amount of other therapies before, I was a little skeptical at first that hypnotherapy would really work for me. However it has completely turned my life around. After initially coming to see Leonie for stress and anxiety, her expertise and knowledge helped me to unpick the source of these feelings and address them in a productive and positive way. I never felt pressured to book multiple sessions and Leonie encouraged me to go at my own pace with my therapy which was fantastic. Leonie also provided hypnotherapy tracks to listen to at home, which not only helped me progress with therapy but also helped me to take ownership of my feelings and emotions. If you are somebody who is wondering whether hypnotherapy will work for them - I would wholeheartedly say yes! It was the best decision I ever made, and I'm so glad I had Leonie there to help me every step of the way." Kat. D.

"As someone who works in the medical field I've long been aware of the evidence behind hypnotherapy but never got round to doing it. I sheepishly came to Leonie with a shopping list of 5 things I wanted 'fixed' but she didn't bat an eyelid! My main problem was IBS - I've been suffering for over a decade and was dependent on daily medication for the pain. After the first session there was an immediate reduction in symptoms and after subsequent sessions I rarely feel any symptoms at all, even when in stressful situations. Not only this but after 20 years of biting my nails and numerous attempts to stop i've finally been able to kick the habit all together!
Leonie is an excellent clinician and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone."
Dr. M.

"I cannot recommend Leonie enough for anyone suffering and in need of help. In just my first session of hypnotherapy Leonie has done more for my PTSD than countless counsellors and CBT therapy. She truly is wonder woman and has the calmest and most welcoming nature to her. I couldn't be more grateful for her giving me my life and strength back after the hardest two year struggle of my life. Leonie is AMAZING at what she does and I believe can help anyone in need. Pure magic and talent 10 out of 10." Dan.

"I have been to Leonie for Hypnotherapy with a touch of mindfulness for fertility and conception boosting confidence work. Our sessions together were gently paced and the hypnotherapy tailored specifically to meet my needs. Her attention is trained and tailored to client’s needs, you won’t get a generic option. Leonie followed up each session by recording me an additional track to listen to as a way of consolidating and influencing my mind and body in readiness for conception. Both myself and my partner listened to the tracks that Leonie recorded for me. I remember that during one of the sessions (in her beautiful, calm space with comfy couch and snuggly blanket) my body relaxed and I could sense deep responses to the positive suggestions being made during trance work - speaking to me about preparing for pregnancy. It was very blissful. We only had two sessions and yet the work had a profound and effective outcome. When challenged with a long conception process it is Leonie who springs to mind and whom I see as the expert to visit. Highly and happily recommended." Sophie Kirkham.

"I couldn't recommend Leonie highly enough... she really wants to help improve your symptoms and I feel has a personal objective to help, not just a professional one. Whilst any therapy isn't cheap, I'd definitely consider it value for money." D.Watson.

"After a very stressful year I suffered with IBS and acute anxiety which led me to visit Leonie Garner. Her manner was both understanding and relaxing and I was immediately put at my ease. I had seven weekly sessions of hypnotherapy and felt myself improving each week. The therapy tapes provided with each session for home use were extremely helpful. By the end of the course my health was much better and I was ready to face life again." M.C.S

"I stand corrected and converted! I experienced the best flight I can remember. 
It was certainly a more comfortable experience and I'm so hopeful future flights will be similarly manageable.
Thank you for your help. The process and learning has been a real insight and certainly makes you think a bit differently."  R.S.

"I just want to say you are a genius! I honestly can't thank you enough for your help leading up to the wedding & helping me manage my worries. The wedding day was just perfect, an absolute dream & I was honestly so calm, happy & excited all day! Not a single nerve throughout the day & trust me I kept checking!! From the moment I got up in the morning till not going to bed till 4am, this cloud of happiness & excitement just engulfed me the whole day & it was just everything I dreamed of feeling & more!" J.T.

"I just wanted to let you know how my wedding day went last week.. It was absolutely amazing! The best day of our lives. I can't believe how calm and happy I was in the church, even walking down the aisle I was so happy and grinning at my husband, he was the one who became emotional! Thank you so much for seeing me at short notice before my wedding,  the hypnotherapy was fantastic and I listened to it daily even up to a few hours before I got married! I can't recommend you enough!" K.M.

"Leonie has a reassuringly warm, intuitive style which I found instantly disarming, not to mention one of the most soothing voices out there for hypnosis. I got so much from my therapy; she had a brilliant knack for understanding the sub-text of what I was saying and for identifying my underlying issues and consequential behaviour patterns that were the cause of my problem. I had a very emotional experience (in a good way) and still feel wonderfully liberated, light and optimistic." 
P. Pande.

"I was scared of flying, and it was getting progressively worse as I got older.
I have also been very sceptical of any form of hypnotherapy, hypnotism ‘mumbo jumbo’.
Not any more.
In just 2 sessions, together with a recording I can listen to at my convenience, Leonie has cured me!
I have since been on 6 flights of varying distances, and not only not felt scared, but also felt at ease.
I’d strongly recommend giving this a try if you have any phobias you just don’t want any more!"
L. Eckersley

"Having hypnotherapy with Leonie was an entirely pleasurable experience, her friendly but professional manner put me instantly at ease.  I went to Leonie with low self esteem and confidence, and even after the first session I felt lifted and more positive, and after 3 sessions I was more relaxed, more confident, and had a greater sense of perspective and most of all felt much happier and finally believed in myself. It's been several months since I saw Leonie and I still feel great."
H. Brearley.

"My son is having hypnotherapy for PTSD. After just one session he felt like a miracle had taken place, he can control the terrible heart attack feeling and that alone is such an improvement. He has had a second session to address anxiety and will continue to have more as needed with the hope of being medication free. From my point of view (his mother) I feel like I will get my son back. He came out of the first session laughing! I couldn't believe my tearful eyes. Leonie has a wonderful way with my son, he trusts her completely and she genuinely cares about making his life good again.  If you are struggling don't hesitate. I wish we'd gone months ago." C.B.

"I have really enjoyed the experience, the help and support you have provided to me over the last few months. I think alot of people just assume that IBS is a tame bloating problem that can be cured with a tablet, unfortunately not for me. Whilst I would never put it in the category of a more severe disease, it can and does certainly affect my day to day quality of life. I know people that end up in bed or take days off work sick for a lot less! Until people have experienced feeling nauseous almost every day, I don't think they'll appreciate how debilitating it can be and how it affects someones confidence and mentality.
What I have mostly found with your hypnotherapy sessions is the ability to have more control over the anxiety that accompanies nausea and in particular, the simple breathing techniques. I also genuinely feel that your voice does provide me with some comfort and relaxation so the recordings are very useful to me at home when I go through a bout of nausea.
Hypnotherapy is not a magic cure for IBS as there are still physical issues that it won't resolve but it certainly helps with the mental and psychological side of IBS such as anxiety and helps rein in attacks when they happen.
A plus side for me has been the relaxation to the point where it also helps me fall asleep at night, not something I was looking to achieve at the start but a big bonus." D.Watson.

"After just one session for business confidence I have gone on to win an award for my company and gained many more customers.  Highly recommend to shake away your business nerves."
Aly Cranston, owner of The Rainy Day Box Co.

"We had the most wonderful birth experience and have you to thank for that! It was everything we dreamed of and more. He was born by candle light in our birth pool at home.
I had mild period pain on and off on Sunday but we went for a walk and for afternoon tea , done some gardening etc.Woke up at 2am with strong period pains coming every 3 mins lasting for 40-50 secs, so called the midwife they came 30 mins later and I was already 6cm dilated. Both my midwives were so supportive of our birth plan, I got to 8/9cm before having gas and air and getting into pool and stopped having the gas for the push. Placenta was delivered naturally and no stitches needed, he fed straight away, we were all tucked up in bed after a shower and tea and toast by 11am . THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS ALL POSSIBLE !!! Love Amy, Daniel, Marley the dog and of course gorgeous George!  Xxxx

"I feel like I have so many tools I can use now, and am feeling so much more positive and excited about meeting our baby. I feel it is the most positive thing we have done during our pregnancy, not only for me, but for us as a couple, and also for our baby... I took a lot more from the session than I had been expecting to, in many ways."  N.D.




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