Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

The reasons you struggle with your weight are as unique as you are. That's why counting calories, points, fasting for certain days, or following a restricted diet just doesn't work for most people in the long run. Sooner or later old habits resurface, and you end up back at square one, or heavier, since your body is now accustomed to living on fewer calories - it just stores the rest!

Hypnotherapy creates transformational weight loss by examining  and changing your relationship with food, your lifestyle, motivation to exercise, improving your sleep habits, lowering your cortisol levels (which have been shown to inhibit weight loss) and in some cases, literally reprogramming the way you eat.  The emphasis is always on health and wellbeing, the side effect of this is a slimmer, trimmer, happier you. Will power and motivation are increased, and real changes can be felt even with just a single session.

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